Friday, March 16, 2012

Texting Tips from a Teen

We all know texting is expensive. Not only that, but unless you coughed up 50 bucks for an unlimited plan, you always have to watch your limits. Its hard to just relax with friends, when you know every word is costing you through the nose.However, there is a solution. On a smartphone, many apps offer free texting. For the iPhone, I love textnow. It even has amazingly cheap voice calls.These apps work simply by the internet. Compared to texting, internet access is cheap. In fact, if mobile internet was charged at the same rate texting is, our internet bills would be in the thousands of dollars for a light user.Another hidden secret to these apps, is that they allow you to text on an ipad or even an itouch, when you are connected to wifi. They work perfectly, giving you a unlimited texting plan for FREE

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cell Phone (Original) Review

Many of you probably remember the commercials for the Motorola Droid when it first came out. They made this phone seem like the best thing on the whole entire earth. They compared it to the iPhone 3g and how the droid had so many extra features.

One of the best features was that it is for Verizon, a much more reliable network than AT&T in my mind. Like many others I was very excited for this phone and as soon as I could I went out and bought it. Before i had the Droid i was in love with my iPod Touch. I took it everywhere I went. As soon as I got the Droid those days were over. I no longer need my iTouch because the Android Market has much better apps than Apples App Store. I no longer had to spend $.99-$1.29 to buy a song because Android has several apps that you can download almost any song for free! Now i know what some of you are thinking. There is no way that is legal. Well actually it is completely legal! (if you don't believe me look into it yourself) There is also much more freedom with the Droid. Instead of having your apps shown on your home screen like the iPhone you can place shortcuts or widgets (a live app such as a clock, countdown, video, or social network) on yours. At the button there is a button that pulls up all your apps (after 2.2 update there is also links to browser and phone). You can chose from many different backgrounds some of which are even interactive! The settings are also much more user friendly than most phones. Now about the memory. Like many phones these days (excluding iPhones) there is a spot to place a micro SD card. These cards currently can be up to 64gb in memory (Although SanDisk claims to be making a 128gb, card that has yet to be released)The downside to these cards is that they cost quite a lot. No problem for the Droid! The droid comes with a 16gb SD card pre-installed! Now one of the coolest things about the Droid and all android phones for that matter is that whenever an update is ready for the phone you will get a pop up on your screen. After about 5 minutes you will be running the newest version of Android available for your device. No more plugging in to your computer and waiting 30 minutes or dropping your phone of at Verizon so they can update it for you. Motorola Droid was also the 2nd phone in the world to receive Adobe Flash Player (first was Sprints Evo) for your browser making the phone more of a computer.

CONS: Although this cell phone comes with a huge amount of external memory, the internal memory is only 1gb (most apps can only be stored internally so the 1gb is used up fast) When your internal memory is close to being full you will have to delete apps before you can receive text messages or use the browser again. Also when the memory is almost full the Droid runs much slower, taking up to 5 minutes to load all of your apps. Another problem is one that happens to every phone It becomes out-dated. When an android phone becomes outdated it no longer receives system updates to make the phone faster or add features. The current version of the original Motorola Droid is the Motorola Droid 2. There are barely any differences between these 2 phones though. The button layout is changed a little, and the internal memory was increased to 8gb, but because of this instead of this the Droid 2 only comes with an 8gb SD card. Also it seems that the Droid 2 overheats very easily and has a "Cool Down Mode" when the phone gets too hot. During this "Cool Down Mode" your phone is unusable and you must wait for it to end which usually takes quiet a while. I think the droid was better than the iPhone 3g but the iPhone 4 beats the droid.

So overall the Motorola Droid was a good phone when it first came out but now it is out-dated and there are many better phones available now, many of which are 4g instead of 3g like the droid. New versions of the Droid will be coming soon with many new features and surprises! If you want a Droid I suggest waiting for the Droid Bionic coming later this year.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The What and Why's of a VoIP Internet Phone System

If you are tired of the standard old LAN line phone connection you have and you are looking to consolidate not only your technology to a more Internet based connection and you are tired of the out of control costs of a dedicated LAN line, then you need to consider a VoIP Internet phone system. This fairly new and revolutionary phone system is the perfect option to having a dedicated phone system without the cost of a normal system.
Of course, what most people typical ask is what exactly is a VoIP Internet phone system. Basically, what this system does is uses your Internet connection as a phone line rather than a dedicated phone line like what you would have with a phone company. That is pretty much the extent of it. You will have a phone, just like before. When you pick up that phone, you will hear a dial tone and when someone calls you, your phone will ring, just like it always has before.
So, the next logical question is why choose a VoIP Internet phone system over a traditional phone company system. The main motivator in this mover from a dedicated phone company LAN line and a VoIP system is price. When using a VoIP system, you get all of your service like local calls, long distant calls and other features like caller identification, call waiting and third party calling for a low monthly flat rate.
In addition, because these phone providers don't fall under the phone company umbrella, there are not exorbitant local, state and federal taxes tagged on to your existing VoIP flat fee bill.
While there usually is an addition of an extra piece of equipment, mainly a phone adaptor, in certain cases, the addition of a VoIP Internet phone system is not going to be very difficult or confusing to figure out.
So, if you are looking to consolidate everything to the Internet and if you are looking to save what could be a considerable amount of money while still having a dedicated home phone number then it is a good idea to consider a VoIP Internet phone system today.
Of course, you are going to want to find the best deal and the only way to do that is to go online and start looking for VoIP Internet phone services for your area. It isn't a complicated process and before you know it, you will have an affordable phone option in your home.