Monday, February 19, 2007

Video Phone for $19.99

Seeing distant family and friends is as easy as dialing a phone number.

Speak in color and see what you have been missing! With a Packet8 VideoPhone, you will never forget the faces of the people in your life, even if they live way across the continent.The Packet8 VideoPhone delivers high-quality, full-motion video and clear, delay-free audio over any broadband (high speed Cable or DSL) Internet connection. With both residential and business customers in mind, this powerful standalone videophone will enhance your calls while saving you money on your telephone bill.
Get unlimited video calling worldwide & unlimited audio-only calling in the United States & Canadafor just $19.99/per month! This is the lowest cost residential phone service from all the cheap voip phone service providers, except VOIP.coms yearly rate.
Using 8x8’s Packet8 broadband phone service, Packet8 VideoPhone subscribers get UNLIMITED video calling worldwide to another Packet8 VideoPhone and unlimited audio-calling in the U.S. and Canada for one low monthly rate.
Plug-and-play device has no need for monitor or TV, keyboard, mouse, microphone, speakers or com
Regular dialing to other Packet8 VideoPhones for video calling or any regular telephone for traditional audio-only call
High-quality CCD camera
Up to 30 frames per second good video quality
5” Top-quality LCD screen
Audio/Video output for larger, external screen display
Audio/Video input for external video sources like digital camera, camcorder and DVD/VCR players.
The Phone Plan
Packet8's voip unlimited long distance plan starts at $19.99 per month